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About MR2 Spyder Forum

I am the second owner of MR2 Spyder forum. I purchased the site in October of 2008 and have been working on a new design for the site. I have many ideas in mind that I want to implement into the sites design so please check back often.

Future Ideas
* Fix the pages where users can create their own profile.
* Fix the pages where users can upload pictures of their own MR2's
* Add a classified page where users can buy, sell and trade MR2's

The MR2 is Toyota's mid-engined, rear wheel drive, 2 seater sports car. The name evolved from the "M"id engineed, "R"ear wheel drive car. The engine placed in the center of the car allows for quick response and handeling .

Currently there are three different generations of MR2s: the supercharged version produced from 1986 - 1989, the turbocharged version produced from 1990 - 1995 and the Mark III produced from 2000 through today. This is also the first production of the convertible model and is known as the MR2 Spyder.


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